Maraã Adventure - Rapids (9 days)

Departure date

9 days and 8 nights

From 4995 BRL (1.378 USD/1.174 EUR) p.p.

Maximum people
8 per tour (contact for bigger groups)

Transportation Included

Local Tour Guides

Water & Food Included

Dinner in the Jungle

Animal Spotting

Amazon Culture


Day 1

Transport option for tours with 4 people or more: Flight from Manaus to Tefé. The plane departures from Manaus at 09:00 in the morning and arrives in Tefé at 10:00. From Tefé we will go by private speedboat straight to Lake Comapi. Here we will rest upon the riverside in the afternoon, and in the evening we will prepare our dinner and riverside night camp. We will be sleeping on the riverside of Lake Comapi.

Transport option for tours with 3 people or less: We will leave by boat from Manaus at 06:00 on Sunday morning and arrive in the town if Tefé at 20:00 on Sunday evening. We will spend the night at a hotel in Tefé before leaving with the speedboat for Maraã on Monday morning at 06:00. We will be in Maraã at 14:00 on Monday afternoon. (Flying to Tefé is optional at extra cost) 

Day 2

You have just spent your first night in the jungle. This morning we will begin with breakfast at the riverside of Lake Comapi. After breakfast we will go fishing for our dinner for the same evening. Fishing is a big part of the Amazon culture, and Lake Comapi is abundant with delicious fish, so there is a very big chance you will catch your own dinner.

After lunch we will begin the tour for the Comapi rapids. On the first part of the trip we will go by motorboat, but the last part will be traveled in canoes. The river turns into smaller creeks, so it’s not possible to go all the way by motorboat. There is nothing like the first experience of travelling down the Stone Creek (Igarepe das Pedras) in a small canoe. The sound of the motorboat has died out in your eear and you begin to take in the amazing sounds of the Amazon rainforest. You will begin to feel more submerged into this natural habitat, but this is only the beginning.

The very last part of the tour to the Compapi rapids will be done on foot. We leave the canoes on the side of the Stone Creek and trek for approximately one hour until we arrive at the rapids. We will set up camp and have a nice evening where we prepare that fish that we caught earlier. In the evening we will relax and you will learn about the animals of the Amazon. That night we sleep at the Comapi rapids.

Day 3

We start the day with a breakfast around 07:30 and after that we will go hunting. Today we will go jungle trekking and hunt for animals such as the Paca (Cuniculus Paca) and Agouti (Cutia). On the trekking we will also discover other animals and plants. We will look for medicine plants of the Amazon. Many of these plants have been used by the native indigenous people for millenniums. We will try to spot animals such as snakes, reptiles, monkeys, toucans and other birds. This part of the Amazon rainforest doesn’t see many tourists, and as such there is a much larger abundance of wildlife than closer to Manaus. This means that your chance of spotting one of these wonderful animals is very high.

After trekking and hunting we return to our base camp next to the Comapi rapids for some relaxation and swimming. At 15:00 we go bow fishing for our dinner. We will come back to base camp and prepare our dinner before settling in for the night. Tonight we will sleep by the Comapi rapids once again.

Day 4

We will breakfast by the Compai rapids. After breakfast we will go trekking for four hours until we arrive at the Three lakes (Trés lagos). We will stay by this lake all evening because we will go spotting for the Tapir at night time. The Tapir only comes out at night. It comes down to the lake to eat plants and drink water. We will sleep in hammocks high in the air this night, so there is a chance that the Tapir will come close to us in the evening when we have set up night camp.

Day 5

Breakfast at the Three lakes. After breakfast we will return back to the waterfalls base camp and pack all our things. In the afternoon we will begin the trip back to the main river, and the native house where we will sleep tomorrow. It’s a long way to go, so we won’t do the entire journey in one day. One the way will stop so we can fish our lunch and dinner. There is nothing like the taste of a newly caught freshwater fish of the Amazon. By now you will probably already have a favorite fish, but they are all so delicious. We will sleep by the riverside tonight.

Day 6

After breakfast this morning we will continue our trip to the native house. The native house is located 15 hours from Maraã, deep inside the Amazon rainforest. You will be able to experience  true Amazon culture at this native house. A life without electricity and luxury, but one that is rich in natural resources. You will learn how they cultivate vegetables and fruits, and see how they make different products from the manioc root, such as for example flour, cake, tapioca and many other things. At nighttime we will go on observation for the caiman, and try to catch a black caiman. This is done so you can learn up close about the different species of caimans. This night we sleep and the native house at Lake Parica.

Day 7

We will have breakfast at the native house and then we will return to Maraã. Here we will visit the municipality and learn about the town culture and history. We will see how they make açai and visit the fishmarket. We will spend the day around the town and talk to the locals and hear a little bit about how it is to live in Maraã. In the night we will sleep in the family house of Eduardo Tenhave, who is the owner of Amazon Deep Jungle Tours.

Day 8

Today we will be doing what many people of Maraã do on sunday. We will go swimming in the beautiful Japurá river and do some riverside fishing, where we will try to catch our lunch. In the afternoon we will take the boat back to Tefé. The boat leaves for Tefé at four o’clock in the afternoon. We will sleep in hammocks on the boat this night.

Day 9

The boat will arrive in Tefé at 09:00 in the morning. Our flight leaves for Manaus at 12:00 so we have a little time to see the city of Tefé. We will land in Manaus at 13:00 and this will mark the end of our journey.

What do you need to bring?

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    Long sleeved t-shirt
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    Trekking shoes
  • null
    Mosquito repellent
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    Cap for the sun
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    Small knife
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    Small backpack

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