Maraã Adventure - Indigenous Community (9 days)

Departure date

9 days and 8 nights

From 4995 BRL (1.378 USD/1.174 EUR) p.p.

Maximum people
8 per tour (contact for bigger groups)

Transportation Included

Local Tour Guides

Water & Food Included

Dinner in the Jungle

Animal Spotting

Amazon Culture


Day 1

Transport option for tours with 4 people or more: We leave by airplane from Manaus Airport at 09:00 Sunday morning. From there we will fly for one hour to the nearest airport of Maraã, which is located in Tefe. The flight is approximately one hour, so we will arrive in Tefe at 10:00. From Tefe we will go by private speedboat to Maraã.

We will arrive in Maraã sunday afternoon where you will have time to see the town and interact with some of the local residents. All the people working for and with Amazon Deep Jungle Tours are either born or currently live in the town of Maraã. As such you will have the opportunity to meet the families and communities of the people engaged with Amazon Deep Jungle Tours. We support our local community and strive to make the town of Maraã as prosperous as possible. Sunday night we will sleep in the town of Maraã.

Transport option for tours with 3 people or less: We will leave by boat from Manaus at 06:00 on Sunday morning and arrive in the town if Tefé at 20:00 on Sunday evening. We will spend the night at a hotel in Tefé before leaving with the speedboat for Maraã on Monday morning at 06:00. We will be in Maraã at 14:00 on Monday afternoon. (Flying to Tefé is optional at extra cost) 

Day 2

We start the morning with breakfast at seven o’clock. After breakfast we will leave the town of Maraã and go on a five hour boat ride to Lago Parica (portuguese name). On the way we will stop to fish for our lunch. As you will learn on this adventure, there is a rich abundance of delicious fish in the Amazon river, so we will never grow hungry. If you are lucky you will get to catch your own lunch on your very first try. If not our tour guides are expert fisherman, having lived of the Amazon river for generations.

After lunchtime we continue on our journey to the indigenous tribe. We will arrive in the indigenous area called Aldeio Patawa in the afternoon. The village is located at Lago Parica. The first evening we will stay around the village, where you will be able to meet the native indigenous people who live there.

We have a strong desire to show you the real way of life as the indigenous people live today in the Amazon of Brazil. Our agreements with the native community is a two way interaction. We support the prosperity of this local community, and as such a big part of the money you are paying for this trip will go directly to local community. This is what we believe in. Supporting locally to the people you visit. This night we will sleep in the indigenous village of Patawa.

Day 3

We get up at seven o’clock and have breakfast together with the inhabitants of the indigenous community. After breakfast we will go around and meet the families that live in the village. You will get to spend time with them and learn about their everyday life. If you have any questions or wishes you are free to explore the area and talk to all the people you meet. We will help you with the translation so you can get as much out of the experience as possible.

In the afternoon we will go fishing, but this time we will use the local fishnet technique to catch our lunch and dinner. A big part of the local cuisine comes from the Amazon river of course. This is the main source of food, as it has been for thousands of years. There is a true connection to nature here. You live of the resources that the nature provides and as such you become connected not just physically but spiritually. Hopefully you will get to experience it yourselves on this adventures. It usually doesn’t take long for people to feel the connection themselves. When you are this far away from your everyday life, all your senses and thoughts suddenly become highly tuned into the frequencies of mother nature. There is no facebook, instagram or latest news updates out here. There is just you and the most amazing natural wonder of the entire planet, the Amazon jungle.

In the evening we will make a campfire and you can learn how to build one yourself if you want to. Around the campfire you will get to hear some amazing stories from the life of the indigenous cultures of the Amazon rainforest. At nighttime we will go on caiman observation. We will sleep at the indigenous village of Patawa again this night.

Day 4

Breakfast is a seven o’clock and after that we will go for a walk in the jungle in search of the Jupati palm tree. This tree is used to make blowpipes and you will get to make one yourself. The blowpipe is used for hunting in the indigenous community. It has been a vital instrument for the survival of the native people for millennia and now you will get to learn how it is made. While we are roaming the jungle you will also learn about all the different plants, nuts and fruits of the forest. There are many medical plants in the jungle for a wide variety of diseases, both preventive and for treatment.

After returning to the village from our trip to the jungle, we will relax for a bit. You are free to make some small explorations if you wish. In the afternoon we will make the blowpipes which we are going to use for hunting the next day. In the evening we will have dinner together with the local native tribe. At nighttime we will venture out to look animals once again.

The animals of the Amazon rainforest are almost exclusively only active at night. This makes it easier for them to stay hidden but our expert guides will most certainly be able to find some of them for you. Tonight we will try to find some poisonous snakes. Don’t worry, we are used to handling all kind of wildlife and this demonstration will show you how the snakes react in nature. It will be a learning full experience that can help you stay safe in the wild. We will return to the community of Patawa where we will sleep for the night.

Day 5

Again today we will get up around seven and have breakfast. After breakfast we will prepare to go hunting with our newly made blowpipes. This technique of hunting is just as vital of part of the native culture and fishing. First we will go search for the poison dart frog. This frog is used for the top of the spear of the small blowpipe darts which we will use as projectiles.

Tonight you will spend your first real night deep inside the Amazon jungle. We will make an overnight camp inside the jungle and make hunting traps and see if we can put or blowpipes to good use. We will eat both lunch and dinner in the jungle today and we will eat whatever we catch, just as the native people have always done. We guarantee that you will truly get to experience the amazing Amazon rainforest tonight. There is nothing like the sounds of the Amazon jungle at night. It is an orchestra of animal activities.

Day 6

After spending your first night in the Amazon rainforest we will get up around seven to have breakfast in the jungle. After breakfast we will walk back to our main basecamp in the Pattawa village. We will have lunch with the village community and afterwards we are heading back to Maraã. We will arrive in the town of Maraã around seven in the evening and we will sleep in the family house of the owner Eduardo Tenhave tonight.

Day 7

Breakfast will be served at eight o’clock this morning and after breakfast we will prepare our trip to another indigenous community. This community is called Canamary and is located close to the town of Maraä. We will see how they live in this community and go the indigenous school. You will learn about the very important cassava/manioc root which is widely used all over Brazil. You will see how they produce the flour from the root and we will have lunch together with the local community.

After lunch we will go to a “sitio” which is a very nice place with lots a fruit from the jungle and places to relax and swim. It’s on a floating island where will remain the rest of the day and have dinner in the evening. At nighttime we will drive from the island to a place called “agua branca” (white water). Here we we are going to fish after some of the big catfishes like Piraiba, Pacamo, Pirarara and Surubim. We will try to catch them with the big fishing lines. We will return back to the island to sleep for the night.

Day 8

At eight o’clock we will have breakfast. After breakfast we will return to Maraã. Here we will meet up with our other Maraã tour groups as well as the rest of the town for the favorite sunday activity of the locals, swimming in the beautiful Japurá river. In the afternoon we will begin our journey back to Manaus. The nightboat leaves for Tefé at four o’clock in the afternoon. Tonight we will sleep in hammocks on the boat.

Day 9

The boat will arrive in Tefé at nine o’clock in the morning. Our flight leaves for Manaus at twelve in the afternoon, so we will have some time to see the city of Tefé, which is the main hub of transportation for this part of the Amazon. We land in Manaus at 13:00 and this will mark the end of our journey to Maraã.

What do you need to bring?

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    Long sleeved t-shirt
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    Trekking shoes
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    Mosquito repellent
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    Cap for the sun
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    Small knife
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    Small backpack

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