Maçarico Tour 5 days / 4 nights

Departure date
Every day

5 days and 4 nights

From 2000 BRL (498USD/426EUR) per person

Maximum people
8 per tour (contact for bigger groups)

Transportation Included

Local Tour Guides

Water & Food Included

Dinner in the Jungle

Animal Spotting

Amazon Culture


Day 1

We leave the city center around 8 AM for Seasa Port, where information is given about the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes (‘the meeting of the waters’). We cross the Rio Solimoes (also known as the Amazon river) where we are dropped at a village called Careire da Vazia. Here we have a meeting point at the BR319 Highway Amazon with local travelers. We drive in a van for about one hour on the highway and through the jungle to arrive at our final stop: (area mamori, or river of Mamori). From this stop we take a speedboat to reach our lodge around 11:30.

At 12 o’clock we’ll have lunch. Afterwards you have 2 hours to relax, swim in the Amazon river or canoe. The activities start around 14:00. We sail out in canoes for animal spotting. You are likely to see sloths and monkeys and dolphins. We will also do some piranha fishing (you can eat the piranha afterwards if you like). We will do bird watching before the sunset. After watching the sunset, we will return to the lodge around 18:30. Dinner is served at 19:00. After dinner, we will sail out to catch a wild caiman. The guide will catch the caiman and provide you with information about these prehistoric animals. If you want to take a pictures with the caiman, that is no problem. After that, the guide will put the caiman back into the water. He don’t hurt the animal. After this night activity, we will return back to the lodge where we will relax and sleep.

Day 2

At 5:30 AM we start off the day by watching the sunrise. After the sunrise we come back to the lodge to have a delicious breakfast at 7:00. At eight o’clock we will leave for the jungle trekking. We will drive for 30 minutes, until we arrive to the place in the jungle where we will begin our hike. We hike from 8:30 until 11:30. During the hike, the guide will give explanations about the flora and fauna of the Amazon jungle. You will learn about the medication trees, leafs, vines and a lot more of what nature can show us. There is a good chance to see monkeys, sloths, snakes, tarantula spiders, dart frogs, and other cool animals and insects of the rainforest. We will come back to the lodge for lunch, which is served at 12:00. After lunch, you will have time to relax and prepare your stuff to leave at 14:00.

We will drive for 40 minutes, until a place in the jungle, where we are going to set up our jungle camp. We will prepare the hammocks and mosquito nets for the night. After we have made our sleeping arrangements, we will prepare our dinner. For the vegetarians, there are a lot of different fruits and vegetables in the jungle which is good to eat. If you would like chicken or rice, we will bring that with us from the lodge. We can also do it survival style and catch our own fish with spearfishing. You can choose whatever option you prefer. We will make an open campfire in the jungle where we will make all our food. After dinner, we will look at the stars and tell stories about the Amazon lifestyle and culture. Tonight we will sleep outside in the jungle. Prepare yourself for one of the most amazing nights of your lifetime.

Day 3

We’ll have breakfast at 8:00. After breakfast we’ll leave our camp to meet with some native inhabitants of the Amazon jungle. We’ll learn about their lifestyle in the jungle, and the guide will explain us what these people eat and give us more insight into which products and plants they use. Like for example the manioc root, which they use to produce a flour called farinha. You will learn about a culture and a lifestyle that thrives without energy and luxury. For many, it is an eyeopener to experience how it really is to live in the Amazon jungle.

We will eat lunch together with the native people. After lunch, we will go animal spotting in small canoes, trying to spot some of the animals that stay on the riverside. We will only bring the small canoes and paddles, because we will try to make as little noise as possible, so we don’t scare of the animals. We will also do bird watching, and spending time enjoying the sunset. After sunset, we will return back to the native community. At nighttime. we will go out spearfishing together with them. We will also see if we can spot some poisonous snakes in the trees. After this night activity, we will return back to the native house where we are going to have dinner. We will eat the fish that we caught during our spear fishing. Tonight we will sleep in the house of the native family with hammocks and mosquito nets.

Day 4

We get up at 7:00 to have breakfast. After breakfast we will leave the native house for our last hiking or canoeing, depending on the season. If it is dry season we will do a hike in the floating jungle. If it is rainy season we will visit the same floating jungle by canoes. There is a big chance to see a boa constrictor in the floating jungle. After the hike/canoe to the floating jungle, we will return back to the lodge where we will have lunch at noon approximately. After lunch we have time to relax. You can spend the afternoon swimming in the Amazon river or you can try your canoe skills in one the homemade Amazon canoes. We will eat dinner at the lodge around 19:00.

Day 5

We will get up at 7:00 in the morning to have breakfast. After breakfast we will sail out in canoes to a place that have a lot of rubber trees. Here we are going to make our own rubber. We will search for a rubber tree called Seringeiro. From this tree we will collect the milk that is used to make rubber. We will make a fire and you will learn about the big production of rubber that took place in the Amazon from 1860 until 1910. After this activity we will return back to the lodge to have lunch. After lunch, you will have time to relax and prepare your stuff to leave at 14:00. We will return back to Manaus the same way we came. We will arrive back in Manaus at at 16:30, which marks the end of the tour.

What do you need to bring?

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    Long sleeved t-shirt
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  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
    Trekking shoes
  • null
    Mosquito repellent
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    Cap for the sun
  • null
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    Small knife
  • null
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    Small backpack

Map of Maçarico

Photos from the tour

Jungle lodge in Maçarico

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